Tuesday 2 April 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #3

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This weeks topic is Fictional character you’d crush on if you were also a  fictional character.

  1. Elias The Dead Tossed Waves. He's strong, brave and kind, you can't help but love him.
  2. Ky Markham Matched. Mysterious, selfless, brave and sweet.
  3. Newt and Minho Maze Runner trilogy. I loved these two, they were both brave, selfless and funny.
  4. Peeta Mellark Hunger Games series. He's loyal, strong, cute and loving.
  5. Tom Ashes. He's brave, kind and protective.
  6. Four Divergent. He's Strong and sweet.
  7. Jack Blood Red Road. He's a survivor, mysterious and strong. A bad boy if I remember correctly.
  8. Tal Whitman Phantoms. Tal was my favourite character he's was quiet, strong, modest, funny and loyal. Unfortunately he isn't in the movie though.
  9. Ian and Jarred The Host. I'm only about 300 pages in but I love Ian, he's so cute and protective. Hopefully he doesn't change. I also love Jared but the way Melanie remembers him.
  10. Peter The Passage Series. He's strong, determined, protective and kind. I love the way he looks after his loved ones and never gives up.


  1. You know, I haven't read book 2 or 3 in the Matched series and I have heard mixed things..but the main reason I want to finish is because I really enjoyed Ky's character! Also Peeta for obvious reasons!!

    1. I haven't read book 2 or 3 of matched series yet either. <3

  2. I only read a few of the books from your list but I see we still share a few of them. ^^ Lovely list.

    My TTT


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