Sunday 21 April 2013

Review: Kill Order by James Dashner

Kill Order by James Dashner  3.5/5

The Kill OrderI was so excited to read the prequel to the Maze Runner trilogy, as it's one of my favorite series. This book was not any where near as great as the others. I was quite disappointed, don't get me wrong It was great to see where it all began but in my opinion this book was lacking. I know there fate was already sealed so I wasn't expecting big twists and turns from this book, but it was just a little blah. The books main purpose was to show how the virus was released after the sun flare destroyed most of the earth, but damn the plot that was structured around that was bad. It was very frustrating, the book started well but then it just got so ridiculous I felt like a child had decide what was going to happen and Dashner was just putting words to it. And how did the women who had survived for a year in a post-apocalyptic world suddenly become the weak heroines. Lana was supposed to be strong and trained but they couldn't last ten minutes without the men, really? it was very sexist in my opinion.

When I read the Maze runner trilogy I found that Newt and Minho were great characters but I had no attachment to the main characters Thomas and Teresa, In The Kill Order I didn't connect with any of the characters they were all way to cliche. Dashner has also put a lot of fighting in the book, understandable in a world of crazy people but it seem like Mark had the wind knocked out of him on every page and the fighting was described in great detail, which became rather boring and also I found the dialogue to be quite lacking. I felt this book really lacked the suspense and mystery of the Maze Runner series, just because the story had to lead to a certain place doesn't mean you cant mix it up a little. If like me you loved the Maze Runner then defiantly read it, despite it flaws it was great to see how it all began with the sun flare and the virus, but if you weren't a big fan then leave it.

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