Saturday 13 April 2013

Review: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Host (The Host, #1)The Host by Stephenie Meyer 5/5

Okay, so it turns out Stephenie Meyer is a great writer, I would never of guessed that from the twilight films and now I'm actually considering reading the twilight books despite vowing never too. I loved The Host, it had me up till dawn reading. Its a pretty long book, the beginnings pretty slow but after about a hundred pages it gets really interesting and original, I couldn't put it down.I like how different the alien invasion was in this book, I loved the fact the souls didn't arrive with a huge space ship and a huge battle ensued, they slipped in and took control quietly without drawing any attention.  A little creepy when you think you wouldn't even see it coming, it seemed more realistic that way.

I teared-up a few times reading this I'm not going to lie, I loved way it made you think about what it means to be human. I was so surprised at how good the writing was and how much I liked the characters. My only problem with the characters was that Jamie was very immature, in my opinion he seemed more like a ten year old than a fourteen year old, and wouldn't a kid that's grown up the world he's supposed to have be a little more mature anyway. As much as I loved wanderers character I couldn't help thinking that if all souls are so loving and self-sacrificing as she say how did they invade so many planets - a pretty heartless thing to do. The souls were defiantly more selfish than she made out but I suppose she would see them as perfect. The way Wanda was torn between her kind and the human was very interesting and I also loved the way she changed the humans view of the souls and found Wanda and Melanie's relationship and their conversations a really intriguing story line. I'm very interested to see what would happen in a sequel and where Stephenie Meyer will take the story, if she ever gets around to writing it.

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  1. OMG, The Host is one of my favorite books ever! Literally, I have read it 4 times in two years! I had a paperback copy that my dog ate half the cover and I still have it, LOL. I actually got a hardcover a couple weeks ago by gift! I just watched the movie! Have you ever seen it? I heard bad reviews about the movie but to be honest, I thought it was a pretty good version of the book! I disagree with you on a couple points though. I really liked Jamie. I feel his immaturity could be explained away. Maybe before the invasion he was very sheltered...Melanie does most of the work after the souls come so maybe that's her way of sheltering him now, ya know? Also, I really thought Wanda's views on the souls were just. The souls even say they are perfecting the planet. Making it better because we humans have torn it apart. I thought the beginning of the book wasn't slow in a boring way. I feel that if Meyer cut it out, you wouldn't tear up, BTW, I was crying too especially at the end. All because you wouldn't form that connection with Wanda.

    I do agree about the Twilight books. If one more character pursed their lips, like she says over and over and over again, I was going to shred the books...and that's a sin to me! LOL.

    I loved your review, Paige! I am so glad you liked it. If you still have The Host, I totally suggest you re-read it...I bet your views of your previous cons change!

    1. I really did love it just a few things that I disliked but I'm like that with all books, like I don't understand why they stopped eating the flowers on a planet because they realized they were alive and could feel pain but on earth they still eat meat. I don't think my opinion on jamie would change with re-reading, in most things kids who have lived through an apocalypse of types are more mature even if their sheltered, I don't know if you watch the walking dead but the son in that is mature for his age when he has his parents with him through it.

      I haven't watched the movie yet but i'm going to and i'm definitely going to read the Host again at some point.

      I've never read the twilight books I love YA and vampires but for some reason it doesn't appeal to me. My mum read them and enjoyed them though but i'm still not sold on trying them myself.


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