Friday 4 April 2014

Update <3

I haven't reviewed any books for a while, my blog was hijacked and was redirecting to a spam website and after I eventually sorted that out I realised that I had lost the desire to write reviews for the books I was reading. Some friends and authors I have reviewed for encouraged me too continue but the passion I had for reviewing was gone however my passion for books isn't. Whilst putting a small review on goodreads I saw some negative (almost hateful) reviews for Gone Girl a book I really enjoyed, and potential readers had commented about how they were discouraged from reading it based on the few negative reviews. I felt that having read an authors work and being entertained I owed them at least 5 minutes to write a short review so that potential readers might be encouraged to try it. So I'm going to try and post at least a few sentences about the books I read from now on. I promise. <3 

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