Tuesday 8 April 2014

Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

It only took me a couple of days to read this book, I'm absolutely besotted with it. I'm sure that in my life time I will reread it many times like Hazel with An Imperial Affliction, this book means more to me than I can explain. When I started reading I knew that it would contain the loss of peoples lives, limbs and even dignity, after all it's a book about cancer not miracles. Without any of these things I probably would of called it unrealistic or a cop-out, but I was satisfied with the realism. John Greens writing was wonderful, Its hard to imagine that I laughed out loud at a book about a girl with cancer but the author did a great job of balancing the parts that made me cry my eyes out with humour, altogether a very well told story. Even though I've never met any teenagers who talk like Hazel and Augustus I love them whole heartedly. The are unique, brilliant well formed characters that it is impossible not to feel affection for. The Fault in Our Stars is a poignant, witty and honest book about love, life and death. It's one of my favourite books and it will stay with me forever. One of those reads that hurts you deeply but in the best way possible. After you finish the last page you just sit there for a minute contemplating not just what you have read but life and the world in general. An enlighting and inspiring read that I recommend to EVERYONE. 

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