Tuesday 30 July 2013

Interview and Excerpt ~ Horse Country by Christine Meunier

About Christine
Christine considers herself introduced to the wonderful world of horses at the late age of 13 when her parents agreed to lease a horse for her. She started experiencing horses via books from a young age and continues to do so, but recognizes that horses cannot be learnt solely from books. She has been studying horses from age 16, starting with the Certificate II in Horse Studies and is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Equine Science via distance education.

Christine has worked at numerous thoroughbred studs in Australia as well as overseas in Ireland for a breeding season. She then gained experience in a couple of Melbourne based horse riding schools, instructing at a basic level before heading off overseas again, this time to South Africa to spend hours in the saddle of endurance and trail horses on the Wild Coast.

Particularly passionate about the world of breeding horses, she teaches equine studies focused on breeding, at a TAFE, Victoria, Australia.She also writes a blog about equine education which you can view at http://equus-blog.com/

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Horse Country - A World of Horses
Book info

Follow Lise and Wes as they work their way around North East Victoria, Australia in the seasonal world of breeding thoroughbreds. Horse Country follows the seasons of the thoroughbred industry and what the day to day of working on a stud could look like.

A few hours away, Maddie and Melanie are working hard in their parent’s metropolitan riding school, teaching others about horse riding and care of the horse. From the nervous first time rider, to the child who wants to run fast and jump high, the young women shape lessons to suit the individual.


When did you realise you wanted to write a book?

I’ve always loved writing in school and afterward and Horse Country actually started to develop back when I was 16 years of age and in high school! It’s only in the past four years that the idea of developing it into a publishable novel has surfaced and then been put into action.

Who are your influences?

I love words in general; books that I read, wanting to tell a story for other people.

Who is your favourite author?

Elyne Mitchell.

What is your favourite book?
Silver Brumby as per the above author.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Reading! Playing guitar and singing, daydreaming, gardening.

What inspired you to write Horse Country?

Actual experiences in the horse industry and a desire to let people know how much fun and how rewarding it can be to work with horses.

What is your favourite thing about horses?

They’re honest.

Are you going to write any more books? Are they going to be about horses?

Absolutely! I’m currently working on a pre-teen horse series with a Christian theme and a standalone novel like Horse Country that’ll be about importing horses to a tropical island and generating a horse business.

Is there anything else you want to say?

Thanks so much for your time and for allowing me to share about my novel! For those who are considering writing their first book, dream big and do it!

Trevor stepped into the office in the yearling barn, needing to make a quick call now that he’d agreed to fill in for Kaye and do her foal watch shift for the following evening. He sat down at the desk as he dialed the familiar number, waiting for someone to pick up.

“MacKenzie speaking.”

“Doc, it’s Trevor.”

“Oh! Trevor. Have I got you at a good time? You’re not about to skip the country, are you?”

“I rang you…” Trevor stated in confusion.

“Oh, yes… yes you did.”

“But no, I’m not about to skip the country. I hate flying.”

“You could take a boat.”

“I get seasick.”

“Oh… a shame. How about a train?”

“I don’t need to go anywhere,” Trevor stated with a frown. “I was ringing to say that I can’t make our appointment on Thursday evening. I’m filling in for one of the other workers, so I’ve got to be on foal watch.”

“Foal watch? Tell me, what are you watching the foal for?” Mackenzie Taylor queried in surprise.

“Umm… it’s not exactly watching foals. Should be called mare watch, I guess. We’ve got a lot of heavily pregnant mares left to give birth and each evening someone has to keep an eye on them before the night attendant arrives.”

“And what do you do if they start giving birth?”

“Generally leave them to it. We only have to step in if there’s a problem.”

“Well isn’t that a different kettle of fish! Assisting a mare give birth! Well no bother about your appointment. We’ll just reschedule for next week unless you call in and state you need to talk earlier. How does that sound?”

“That sounds great. Well, I’d better get back to work, we’ve got a barn full of yearlings.”

“Yearlings?” Mackenzie questioned, causing Trevor to roll his eyes.

“I’ll tell you all about them in our next session.”

“Indeed. Have a lovely afternoon Trevor.”

“I’ll try.”

Trevor sat quietly at the desk, realising there was a voice in the barn he didn’t recognise. It dawned on him that the new TAFE student must have arrived and not wanting to have to deal with introductions at that point in time he stayed where he was, certain all would move on shortly to show the student around the property.

Before the breeding season even ends we have a barn full of yearlings to prepare and sell. When does it stop?

The book can be purchased via http://www.horsecountrybook.com/ and those interested can keep updated on reviews, author interviews and excerpts at http://www.facebook.com/HorseCountryBook.

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