Tuesday 3 September 2013

Review ~ Godhead by Ken Mooney

Godhead by Ken Mooney 2.5/5

Godhead (The Last Olympiad, #1)The author sent me an e-copy in return for an honest review. Okay, let me start by saying that fantasy and horror are among my favorite genres so I really wanted to like this book. But something was missing, a certain spark that makes you want to read into the small hours. This book took me over a month to finish which is totally unlike me, and its not because I didn't like the book. The premises was great, the writing was good but there was something missing. I felt no attachment to the characters, they weren't very layered and even though I wanted to know what happened to them I wasn't very invested in them. I couldn't  laugh or cry with them, I couldn't become totally involved in their world I felt like a bystander watching their trials and tribulations with cold indifference.

This book started well I enjoyed the beginning, the battle of the gods and demons was so promising I really liked Aphrodite and Hera's rivalry, but then it flicked to the present day and things started to slow. The book dragged for awhile and the flitting randomly into different characters pasts got kind of tiresome. It started getting good toward the end of the book and then suddenly finished leaving me a little deflated. Obviously the book had good points otherwise I would of given up, the battles were good, very in depth and I love the idea of demigods just discovering their powers. The writing was good, I mean the author clearly likes an ellipses but if you wade through those there's a good author who got a little side tracked with juggling characters and pasts. Although I would like to find out what happens I'm not sure if I can read a whole other novel like this one to find out, it was just so slow and empty. If you like horror and fantasy definitely give it a try, just because its not my cup of tea doesn't mean it isn't yours.


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