Wednesday 15 May 2013

Review: Desperation by Stephen king

Desperation by Stephen King 3.5/5

This is the first Stephen King novel I've read and I enjoyed it. It took me awhile to finish it as it's quite a long book. Desperation lived up to my expectations, to be honest it was a pretty average book, there wasn't anything special to it. I liked the premise and the characters but it's not something i have any intention of rereading in the future. I mainly read this book for some horror which it delivered on not particularly terrifying for an author described as "the master of horror" but still it had some gore and some scares which was what I was in the mood for when I took this book off the shelf.

Desperation was a typical good versus evil novel that was pretty heavy on the religion, something I could get over when the story line was so original. I'm always a fan of a plot that begins with a group of stranger being thrown together in life or death situations such as this and I was glad that I couldn't predict who was going to die and how the story was going to unfold. I liked the strong female characters in the book particularly Cynthia who wasn't you average horror movie ditz she was afraid at the appropriate times and could also defend herself, she was a very interesting character.


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